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About Us


Backner ApS is a wholesale company specialized in offering safety products for the manufacturing and logistical environment. The company was founded in 2004 in Denmark and quickly started to see success in the online distribution of security protection products covering a range of steel barriers, safety mirrors, racking protection, machine fencing just to list a few.

Now we focus our attention to a new exciting product collection named

"d-flexx". It is a flexible barrier solution with one key advantage, it is flexible. Not like steel products that protect the goods or machinery after a collision but have to be replaced, leading to a new investment.


Because keep in mind not only the steel barrier breaks, often the floor and vehicle get damaged.


The flexible barrier from d-flexx absorbs the impact force, leaving floor and vehicle undamaged and can be reused. Therefore time and money is saved on repairs.

We not only offer the collection, we also offer a full service. Covering the planning, delivery and installation by request, personally at your facility.

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Address: Banegraven 6, DK - 3550 Slangerup

Email: service@backner.dk

Phone: +45 47 335 002

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Monday - Thursday: 8AM to 4PM

Friday:                      8AM to 3:30PM

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